John Stuart

#1086, d. 1805
John Stuart was born at Scotland.1 He was buried at Wilson's Point, New Brunswick, Canada.1 He married an unknown person. He married Elizabeth Brown on 6 August 1787.1 He died in 1805.1

Louise Manny's list of the tombstones discovered in the old cemetery at Wilson's Point includes one for John Stuart (as the surname was then spelled), who died in 1805 at the age of eighty-seven. While his year of death is corroborated by a number of documents, such as advanced age as eighty-seven does not square well with the fact that he was married in 1787 (for a second time) and left a young family behind, including a four-year-old daughter. An age of sixty-seven at the time of his death would fit the facts better and would still permit of his having participated in the capture of Montreal, as elsewhere noted, in 1760, and of his having had a grandson born in 1793, as the records indicate that he had.
Whatever his age. John was a highland Scot, a soldier in the 42nd Regiment, and "one of the first English settlers at Miramichi," according to an endorsement written by James Fraser, J.P. on a land petition filed by several of his sons in 1810. He was settled on the North West by William Davidson in May, 1775, on Lot 11 at Johnston's Bridge. This was the property which was later occupied by James Johnston, and it was much the most valuable property on the river in 1785, with fifteen acres "in excellent cultivation."2

Children of John Stuart

Children of John Stuart and Elizabeth Brown


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