George Miller

#3951, b. 176?, d. 1829
George Miller was buried at South Hampton, York, New Brunswick, Canada.1 He married Elizabeth Chase. He was born in 176? At Scotland.2 He died in 1829 at South Hampton.1
George Miller Lived and died in South Hampton, York, NB.
From Edith Miller of Grand Manan, New Brunswick
"Disbanded soldiers who had served in the War
between 1776-1781 of the New England Colonies
received land grants in York Co, N.B.
From the Queens Regiment George Miller Lot #70 in
the Queensbury or Nackioic Bend or the Southhamptons.
Pennsylvania Loyalist John Miller Lot #18 area of
Upper Southhampton to York Co. - Carlton County line.

Children of George Miller and Elizabeth Chase


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