New Hampshire
Nottingham Square, Nottingham
Cilley Lane, Bradford
Off of Main St, 0.1 mile east of intersection of SR103
Cilley Road, Derry
Off Westgate Rd, off of SR28, about 1.5 mi. north of the intersection of SR28 and SR102
Cilley Road, Manchester
1.1mi from South Willow St to Mammoth Road
Cilley Road, Nottingham
About 2 miles SE from Nottingham Square on Ledge Farm Road
Cilley Road, Raymond
Connects SR107 to SR156 through Harriman Road/Heath Road. Just north of Raymond. About 4 miles SW of Nottingham Square on SR156.
Cilley Hall, Exeter
Phillips Exeter Academy
Cilley Hill, Bungy
About 1 mile NW of Bungy on Keach Rd
Cilley Hill, East Andover
About 2 mi. north of East Andover
Cilley Hill Road, Weare
About 2 miles from SR77 along South Sugar Hill Rd
A village of the town of Andover
Cilleyville Bridge
Cilleyville Road
Connects the Dawes and Morey Hill Roads with the Morey Pond Road in Cilleyville
Cilleyville Road
Leads into Cilleyville from Potter Place
Mt. Cilley
In the White Mountain area, just west of Woodstock
Mt. Cilley Road
1 mile north of Woodstock on US3 near Beaver Brook, proceeds west to the Mt. CIlley Trail
Mt. Cilley Trail
On north-east side of Mt. Cilley, from the Mt. Cilley Rd. to SR118, about 1 mile south of the intersection of SR118 and SR112
Cilley Cave or Old Cilley Cave
In the area of the trail
Cilley-Barber Route
Path up Mt. Katahdin
Cilley Road, East Thorndike
Trail leading south (.5 mi) from East Thorndike at intersection of E. Thorndike Rd and Files Hill Road
Stan Cilley Road, Lincolnville Center
2.5 mi north on Rt 52 from Lincolnville Center
Cilley Road, Lincolnville Center
4 mi north on Rt 52 West on Vancycle 0.5 mi
Monument, Hon. Jonathan Cilley, Thomaston
Residence, Hon. Jonathan Cilley, Thomaston
Cilley Bridge (#5539)
on Bucks Brook Road over Marsh Stream located 1.2 mi North of Brooks townline
Old Cilley Ledge
Off the coast of Rockland and Port Clyde. United Coast Pilot, Atlantic Coast - "Old Cilley Ledge, 1.5 miles east-northeastward of Burnt Island, is about 0.5 mile long; its eastern end is awash at low water and its western end is awash at high water. There is a red bell buoy 0.3 mile, east-southeastward of the eastern end."
Cilley Lane, Corinth
Connects Sumner Pl and Young Rd with Cookeville Rd. About 2.5 miles from SR25 south along Cookeville Rd.
Cilley Hill Road, Jericho
North from Rt 15 Jericho to Rt 15 Underhill about 5 mile
Cilley Bridge, Tunbridge
Cilley's Store, Plymouth Notch
Cilley Rd, Hooven
roughly 1.3 miles in length from Rt 128 to Kilby Rd, running beside I-275
Old Cilley Rd, Hooven
running East off Kilby Rd for 0.3-0.4 mi
Cilley Road, Cleves
Cilley Rd, Cleveland
North Carolina
Cilley House, Hickory