Benoni Cilley1,2

#742, b. circa 1680, d. 30 April 1746
Benoni Cilley|b. c 1680\nd. 30 Apr 1746|p742.htm|Thomas Sealey|b. 28 Jul 1638\nd. 1686|p740.htm|Martha Blaisdell|b. 1644\nd. a 1 Apr 1707|p741.htm|Andrew Sealy|b. 8 Apr 1597\nd. bt 14 Apr 1664 - 15 Apr 1665|p755.htm|(?) (?)|d. b 14 Apr 1664|p31378.htm|Ralph Blaisdell|b. 1600\nd. 1650/51|p766.htm|Elizabeth (?)|d. Aug 1667|p767.htm|
Benoni Cilley was born circa 1680.4 He was the son of Thomas Sealey and Martha Blaisdell.3 He married Elenor Getchell, daughter of Samuel Getchell and Elizabeth Jones, on 28 August 1703 at Salisbury.2 He was baptized on 20 November 1726 at Salisbury.5 He married Rachel (?) on 9 October 1739 at Salisbury.2 He died on 30 April 1746 at South Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire.1,3
Benoni Cilley resided at Salisbury, Massachusetts.2 Benoni Cilley was also known as Benoni Sealey.6 Benoni Cilley was also known as Selley.2 As of 7 June 1707, Benoni Cilley was also known as Silley. He left a will on 8 November 1745 at South Hampton, New Hampshire.7 He left a will on 22 November 1745.1
Resided in Salisbury, Mass, in 1741, and in Seabrook, N. H.8

Children of Benoni Cilley and Elenor Getchell

Children of Benoni Cilley and Rachel (?)


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