Captain Thomas Cilley1

#733, b. between 1670 and 1675
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Captain Thomas Cilley was born between 1670 and 1675.3 He was the son of Thomas Sealey and Martha Blaisdell.2 He married Ann Stanyan, daughter of John Stanyan and Mary Bradbury.4,1

Sea captain, Hampton Falls, at Nottingham, at Andover with his son Thomas for a time, and died at his son Joseph's while on a visit to Nottingham from Andover. Thomas was in Hampton, NH in 1694.1
In his old age, Thomas Cilley, came to spend his last days with a son whose filial affections had not grown cold through lapse of time or uninterrupted prosperity, and fell asleep in the arms of that son, and amid the tender ministrations of an affectionate household, whom the old man blessed, "leaning on his staff".5 Captain Thomas Cilley was also known as Seally.1 Captain Thomas Cilley was also known as Sealey.4

Children of Captain Thomas Cilley and Ann Stanyan


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