If you have questions about a particular person, have information to add or correct, or suggestions to improve this site please tell me, I want to make this site as easy to use and as usefull as I can.

Please be aware that most of the data on this site has not been verified to original records. There is just not enough time to perform this verification for each item so I have been relying on others to do this. The majority of it is from published sources. To aid the viewer in determining the validity of the data I have included extensive footnotes and sources. So keep in mind that there could be errors. If you should find something that doesn't look right just send me an e-mail.

My primary interest is in the Cilley line and to a lesser extent Horner, Metcalf and Tileston. I ask that you think about sharing your research (finished reports, raw data, photos, etc.) with me so that I can incorporate it in this site. Anything that you provide will be properly credited.

The Miller, Stewart, Howard and Hamilton lines are my wifes lines. Her mother did all of the research and I assembled and published it on this website so that others could benefit from her research. I will attempt to answer your questions. I will be keeping them on this site for the time being.

Upon request I will make available a CD that contains the entire site for a nominal fee to cover materials and postage.

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